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G-series Glass-encapsulated NTC Thermistors

BCM SENSOR is proud to present G-series glass-encapsulated NTC thermistors designed to sustain high temperature up to 260°C. Thanks to the glass-encapsulation, this series is widely used as a temperature detector and sensor, temperature compensator, and circuit protection device in applications which require good resistance to high temperature.

Typical applications:
– Home appliances;
– HVAC system;
– Industrial process control;
– Automotive industry;
– Electric circuit protection.

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The G-series has the following features:
– Wide operating temperature range from -40°C to +260°C;
– Wide range of resistance (500Ω, …, 1MΩ) and B constant (2800K, …, 4600K);
– Excellent thermal and electrical stability;
– High accuracy and reliability;
– Thermal time constant down to 10 seconds;
– Thermal dissipation factor down to 1 mW/°C;
– Customized resistance and B constant available on request;
– Customized length of glass-encapsulation available on request.

For more details, please visit the datasheet of G-series NTC thermistors on BCM SENSOR website:

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