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NTC Thermistors from BCM SENSOR

BCM SENSOR is proud to present a new product group, NTC thermistors, available for batch production. NTC thermistors have negative temperature coefficient of resistance – their resistance decreases exponentially with their temperature increase. Thanks to the high sensitivity, the NTC thermistors are widely used as temperature detection and measurement, temperature compensation, and circuit protection in industrial and automotive applications as well as for general purpose.

The NTC thermistors from BCM SENSOR are classified into 6 series:

  • C-series: NTC thermistor chips;
  • D-series: diode-like NTC thermistors;
  • E-series: epoxy-sealed NTC thermistors;
  • F-series: film-sealed NTC thermistors;
  • G-series: glass-encapsulated NTC thermistors;
  • S-series: surface-mounted NTC thermistors.

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These 6 series offer the following benefits:

  • Wide operating temperature range from -50°C to +300°C;
  • Wide range of resistance (10Ω, …, 1MΩ) and B constant (2800K, …, 4600K);
  • Excellent thermal and electrical stability;
  • High accuracy and reliability;
  • Fast response (i.e., low thermal dissipation constant) down to 4 seconds;
  • Various structures and sizes;
  • Customized resistance and B constant available on request.


For more details, please visit the NTC thermistor page of BCM SENSOR website:


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