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1415 Fixable Compression Load Cells

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Product Description

Based on BCMs advanced strain gauge technology, model 1415 load cell is canister type load cell designed to measure compression loads. The single ball-ended construction allows the inclination of the load receptor from the load axis.
Model 1415 compression load cells have very wide load capacities from 0.5 t to 500 t, posses optional accuracies of 0.05 ~ 0.2 %fs (fs = full scale).
1415 load cells are made from mild steel and are rugged in design. Thanks to BCMs leading technology in sealing, these load cells can have high environmental protection grade of IP 67. These load cells are widely used in truck scales, track, tank and hopper scales.

Additional Information


0.5t, …, 500t


up to ±0.05%fs

Note: See detailed values of M in the datasheet.