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160T Smart Differential Pressure Transmitters

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Product Description

Based on silicon piezoresistive technology, 160T smart differential pressure transmitters are made from BCM 160M multi-functional differential pressure modules. Model 160T offers an easy solution for measuring differential pressure and system (also called line, static) pressure at the same time. The medium temperature measurement function is available on request.

Featuring a full stainless steel housing, 316L SS isolating diaphragm and standard assembly ports, the 160T differential pressure transmitters provide a reliable solution for differential pressure measurements in rugged industrial applications.

The differential measuring range of 160T transmitters ranges from 0~0.4 bar to 0~10 bar. These transmitters provide amplified output signals of 4~20mA with HART protocol. They are also equipped with a configurable 4½ digits LCD display. The measuring accuracy of 160T is up to 0.2%fs (fs = full scale). 160T transmitters can operate under a system (line or static) pressure up to 160bar, with low system pressure effect down to 0.5%fs.

Additional Information

Pressure Range

0~0.4bar, …, ~10bar (differential)
0~50bar, ~160bar (absolute)

Pressure Type

differential, absolute

Static Pressure / Overload Pressure

up to 160bar

Output Signal

4~20mA with HART protocol


up to ±0.2%fs