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EPS202 Electronic Pressure Switches with Display

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Product Description

EPS202 electronic pressure switches are designed for applications in pressure monitoring systems or pressure control systems. Featuring accuracy up to 0.25%fs and excellent stability, the EPS202 switches are widely used to monitor process pressures in industrial automation systems to generate switching signal to switch on or switch off the system or the actuator at the set points.

The EPS202 switch is integrated with a high-precision piezoresistive pressure sensor. The analogue signal of the sensor is converted into digital signal via a 16-bit A/D converter and processed by a microprocessor in the switch.

Model EPS202 can provide single, dual, or up to four relay signals for control purpose. On request, these products can also be supplied with an addiitional 4~20mA output. The display and output can be set or adjusted via the buttons on the front panel of the display.

Additional Information

Pressure Range

0~0.1bar, …, ~600bar

Pressure Type


Output Signal

1, …, 4 relay output, 4~20mA available on request


up to ±0.25%fs