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1212/1292 Compression Force Transmitters

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Product Description

Model 1212/1292 of ring shape is developed from model 1211/1291 force transducers to function as transmitters for compressive force measurements. This model is typically used either as a force monitoring washer or a compression-force transmitter, both of which can have conditioned 4~20mA or 1~5Vdc output signal.

Thanks to the unique design, the 12-series offer a low profile design for high capacity applications. The capacity of model 1212/1292 ranges up to 100kN. By means of 4~20mA output signal, 1212/1292 force transmitters can be easily integrated into existing automation system in order to set up a wireless monitoring system like Model WMS2000 Wireless Monitoring System from BCM SENSOR.

The model 1212 is made from mild steel, while the model 1292 from 17-4PH stainless steel which is suitable for corrosive environment application.

Additional Information


30kN, …, 100kN


up to ±1%fs