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WMS2000 Wireless Monitoring Systems

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Product Description

Model WMS2000 Wireless Monitoring System is developed by BCM SENSOR to wirelessly monitor changes in force or pressure on site. The system consists of three blocks: four sensors, one wireless transceiver (model WTM2000) and one wireless receiver (model WRM2000). In this datasheet, model 1290 force sensor will be used as an example to explain how the system works to wirelessly monitor tightening of four bolts in distance.

In this example the 1290 compression force sensor functions as a washer for the bolt, in order to monitor the tightening status of the bolt. The four sensors are connected to the transceiver with cables, while the transceiver communicates with the receiver at 433MHz radio frequency (RF) which enables communication distance up to 300 meter in an open area.

The receiver, which can be installed in a control room, is integrated with a touch screen, by which the receiver can both store and indicate the tightening status of each of the four bolts monitored by the sensors. With the touch screen one can set both lower threshold (LT) and upper limit (UL) of the measuring range (MR) of each of the sensors. The backlight of the touch screen can be in three colors, respectively to indicate three statuses of the tightening of four bolts – a normal status (i.e., LT ≤ MR ≤UL), an unexpected status (i.e., MR < LT, or MR > UL), and an error status (e.g., low battery, disconnection, or damaged sensor). In case any of the bolts become loosened during the operation (i.e., MR < LT), the receiver will alert the operator in the control room by turning the backlight of the corresponding sensor from green to red and meanwhile having its alarm triggered. The WMS2000 system is operated as a plug-and-play force/pressure monitoring system without need of any computer. In fact, this system can work with any type of force and pressure sensors of either 4~20mA or millivolt (i.e., output from Wheatstone bridge circuit). In case of the sensor of millivolt output, an SSC (sensor signal conditioner) will be integrated in the cable between the sensor and the transceiver. For applications where more than four sensors are monitored, BCM SENSOR can further develop the WMS2000 system according to the number of sensors. In addition, this system can be turned into a Wireless Measuring System, model WMS3000, by which a specific force or pressure of interest can be measured remotely, for instance, in nuclear power plant or very harsh environment where human cannot access.

Additional Information

Number Of Sensor Connection

1, …, 4

Communication Signal

RF 433MHz

Communication Distance

up to 300m through open space

(standard number from 1 to 4, e.g., 4x1290(1200kN/2m))
(e.g., 3%fs in case of the 1290 sensors)
(valid number from 1 to 8)
(e.g., 2m)