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5716/5796 Wireless Double-Ended Load Pins

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Product Description

Model 5716/5796 Wireless Load Pins (WLP) are specially developed by BCM SENSOR for traditional ratchet tie-down straps (RTS), in order to monitor the tightening status of the straps when they are used to fasten cargo. After the WLP is integrated in a traditional RTS, the latter becomes a Smart RTS (SRTS, model SR5716/SR5796). Multiple of such the SRTS can work with one WSN1000 monitor to form a Wireless Tension-Detect-and-Alert System (WTDAS, model WFMS1000) for cargo safety application.

The 5716/5796 WLP consists of a double-ended shear beam force sensor and a WSSC (wireless sensor signal conditioner). The force sensor is made of metal foil strain gauges from BCM SENSOR and has its sensor body made from either nickel-plated mild steel (model 5716) or stainless steel (model 5796) while the WSSC, together with its antenna and batteries, is integrated in a PTFE housing. This housing is mounted on the sensor body via thread and the junction of the both is sealed with silicone rubber to ensure the IP66 protection rating for of the WLP. As a result, the WLP can be used in wet weather conditions.

The standard WSSC employs 2.4GHz radio frequency (RF) and in-house protocol to communicate with the WSN1000 monitor wirelessly. For a customer-tailored application where a specific protocol (e.g., Zigbee, NoRa, etc.) is required, BCM SENSOR can modify the WSSC to meet customer needs with the 5716/5796 WLP.

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300kg, 500kg, 750kg

Communication Signal

license-free 2.4GHz RF