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5718/5798 Double Ended Load Pins

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Product Description

Based on BCM advanced metal foil strain gauge technology, 5718/5798 load pins are made of double-ended shear-beam working principle. 5718/5798 load pin is mostly used as a shaft of sensor function when the middle part of the shaft intends to have a shearing shift corresponding to the rest on the two sides of the shaft, which can be considered as two stationary parts.
5718/5798 load pins can be used to measure the forces ranging from 10kN to 1000kN with non-linearity up to 0.2%fs (fs = full scale). Amplified and conditioned output signal such as 4~20mA or 0.5~5V or 0.5~10V are available on request. These load pins can be sealed to high protection grade up to IP68 so as to be operated under harsh industrial environment. Depending on the application, the cable outlet can be made either along the load pin axis (axial) or perpendicular to load pin axis (radial).
5718/5798 load pins are often used as traction-force sensors (draft sensors) to be installed in crane system, hopper system, process system, and onboard vehicle system where the single-ended shaft of sensor is necessary to measure the concerned force.

Additional Information


10kN, …, 800kN


up to ±0.2%fs