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6798(A)/6798(B) Hermetically Sealed Double-Ended Load Pins

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Product Description

The 6798 load pin is a newly developed hermetically sealed load transducer for applications outside or in harsh environment. In its tube-like construction, the strain gauges are bonded on the inner surface of the tube and are eventually wired to form the Wheatstone circuit. Owing to its unique construction, a stainless steel housing, and excellent sealing of the electrical connector, the 6798 load pin has a hermetic seal to provide extraordinary environmental protection, up to IP68, for harsh environment use.

Compared to the 5798 load pins, the 6798 series employs the bending beam instead of shear beam working principle, and provides higher resistance to the effect of eccentric loading.

When installed for carrying a load force, the 6798 load pin works in the same way as the BCM 5798 load pins, functioning like a double-ended load transducer in anywhere a double-ended bolt or pin is required to monitor the load force applied to its middle position.

There are two standardized types. The common model number is 6798(A). The other is 6798(B) which is design for applications when a shackle is employed.

Due to the nature of the 6798, including its geometric dimensions, capacity, and electrical interface, the 6798 load pin can be customized to meet particular application requirements.

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0.5t, …, 100t


up to ±1%fs