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MPT263 Melt Pressure & Temperature Transducers/Transmitters with Flexible Extension

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Product Description

Model MPT263 melt pressure transducer or transmitter (MPT) is a combination of model MPT261 and MPT262 to measure both pressure and temperature of melt medium of high temperatures (up to 400 °C). Employing metal foil strain gauge (MfSG) from BCM SENSOR as its sensing element, the MPT263 sensor has its wetted parts and housing made from stainless steel (SS) in order to comply with the requirements of pressure medium of high temperatures and harsh working environment. As a result, the MPT-series sensors find their applications on injection moulding machines and extruders to monitor or measure both the pressures and temperatures of working medium in melt state.

The MPT263 sensor measures both pressure and temperature simultaneously, and also have its rigid stem extended with an SS flexible extension so that the electronics housing can be kept away from high-temperature medium.

An SS isolation diaphragm is located at the front end of its rigid stem and will be directly approached by melt pressure medium in applications. To avoid mechanical scratches, a specially designed alloy-coating is applied on the isolation diaphragm. Inside the rigid stem and the flexible extension, there is a capillary filled with nontoxic liquid-metal alloy which is not mercury and is able to genuinely transfers the medium pressure from the isolation diaphragm to an SS pressure diaphragm. The SS pressure diaphragm is located at the rear end of its rigid stem. On the backside of this pressure diaphragm there is a full bridge MfSG to convert deformation of the pressure diaphragm, which is induced by the measured pressure, into an electrical signal in millivolt.

To meet different requirements in applications, the MPT263 sensors can offer various types of output signal for pressure measurement. The standard output signal can be either 3.33mV/V (i.e., the MPT263 without sensor signal conditioner (SSC)), or 4~20mA, 0~5V or 0~10V (i.e., the MPT263 integrated with SSC). By integrated with other kinds of SSC, different output signals can be available, such as 4~20 mA with HART protocol, CAN-bus or modbus protocol. The output signal of temperature measurement depends on the selected type of temperature sensors which can be J-, K- or E-type thermocouple, or Pt100 thermal resistor.

To facilitate the calibration on site, the MPT263 sensor is provided with internal 80%fs shunt calibration function. By means of this function the sensors can be calibrated any time without calibrating pressures. On request the MPT263 can be integrated with a replay for control purpose.

Additional Information

Pressure Range

0~17bar, …, ~2000bar


up to ±0.25%fs

Max. Temperature At Wetted Parts


Temperature Sensor

J-, K-, E-type thermalcouple, Pt100