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8691 6-Axis Force/Torque Transducers

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Product Description

Model 8691 is designed as a 6-axis force/torque transducer, which measures the force/torque and decouple it into three force components (Fx, Fy, Fz) and three torque components (Mx, My, Mz) simultaneously.

This 8691 transducer is mostly used to make analysis of direction and magnitude of force and torque, and has found a wide range of applications, such as robotics or test of unknown force/torque.

Thanks to advanced strain gauge technology from BCM SENSOR, it ensures the 8691 transducers to deliver stable and accurate measuring results. To compliant with hush environment, model 8691 transducers are made from stainless steel and equipped with IP66 connector as its electrical interface. Integrated with delegated sensor signal conditioning (SSC) circuitry, the 8691 transducer can have its output signal either of RS485 with one 5-pin connector or of mV/V analogue with six 4-pin connectors.

In addition, the 8691 transducer can be integrated with TEDS (transducer electronic data sheet) on request, by which it can be easily recalibrated on site without using conventional calibration facility.

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Fx, Fy: 0.5kN, Fz: 2kN / Mx, My, Mz: 50Nm


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