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SE103 Sensor Dies for General Purpose

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Product Description

Model SE103 is designed as a piezoresistive pressure sensor die for gauge (relative) or absolute pressure measurements for general purpose. The sensor dies are manufactured through 6″ wafer silicon-on-silicon process by MEMS technology. The model SE103 is available in a foot-print of 1.7mm x 1.7mm.

Compared with the SE101, the SE103 has its cavity structure together with its silicon membrane instead of its silicon constraint. This makes the SE103 achieve lower non-linearity error and possible to be used for gauge or differential measurements without its constraint.

Designed as an uncompensated sensor die, the SE103 is available in a closed-bridge circuit of 4 solder pads.

Before packaging, each SE103 sensor die is tested and inspected.

Three types of packaging are available as options to fit different marketing demands.

Additional Information

Pressure Range

0~2.5bar, ~5bar , ~10bar

Pressure Type

gauge, absolute

Non Linearity