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SE206 Half-Bridge Sensor Dies for Pressure Sensor Application

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Product Description

Model SE206 is a half-bridge piezoresistive sensor die, which has a high gauge factor of 150 and is specially designed for low-level strain measurements down to a few microstrains. Its typical application is to have two SE206 bonded on a round-shape pressure diaphragm made from stainless steel or ceramics (as shown by the sketch on the right) to form a Wheatstone bridge circuit to measure pressures. And a typical way to bond this sensor die is via glass bonding process.

The SE206 sensor die has its two piezoresistive resistors laid inline with each other, similar to the GB(BL) pattern of metal foil strain gauges from BCM SENSOR. As a result, this sensor die can also be used to measure a force, e.g., by bonding it on a reverse-bending-beam to measure compression or tension forces.

Thanks to MEMS process through which this sensor die is manufactured, the SE206 features small size (1.5mm x 0.5mm) and capacity of high volume per batch in mass production.

Before packing, each SE206 sensor die is individually tested and qualified to its specifications.

Three types of packaging are available as options to fit different marketing demands. The details of these three types can be found in Ordering Information.

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