• 201013_101B(a12.6H)

101B(a12.6H) Pressure Sensors of Small Diameter

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Product Description

Model 101B(a12.6H) pressure sensor (PS) is designed with a small outer diameter of Ø12.6mm. Compared to 101B(a19G) PS, the feature of a smaller diameter brings the 101B(a12.6H) PS with advantages when the PS is used in applications which have space limitation on the sensor diameter, e.g., to constitute 2-D or 3-D sensor arrays with more sensors in a given space, or to be integrated into a smaller customized housing.

For a volume order, the 101B(a12.6H) PS can also be made of a completely flush diaphragm on request, similar to the diaphragm of 101B(a19F). Such disphargm is especially useful when the PS measures the pressure either of sticky pressure medium, like viscous paste, or of pressure medium containing solid particles, like wasted water.

Both its diaphragm and its housing are made from 316L stainless steel. Therefore, the 101B(a12.6H) PS can measure pressures of corrosive or/and conductive pressure medium as long as the medium is compatible to 316L stainless steel.

The same as 101B(a19G), the 101B(a12.6H) PS has a piezoresistive pressure sensor die integrated inside the PS and its capsule is filled with un-compressive oil.

Additional Information

Pressure Range

0~10bar, …, ~35bar (gauge)
0~10bar, …, ~400bar (absolute)
0~600bar, ~1000bar (sealed gauge)

Pressure Type

Gauge, Absolute, Sealed Gauge

Output Signal



up to ±0.25%fs