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101B(c) Pressure Sensors with Customized Housing

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Product Description

Model 101B(c) pressure sensor (PS) features a customized housing with one of the 101B-series PSs (e.g., 101B(a19G) or 101B(a19L)) integrated in it. As a result, the 101B(c) PS has an inner-cavity structure formed by its housing and the integrated PS. All materials of the inner-cavity are made from 316L stainless steel and will have directly contact to pressure medium. Thanks to the customized housing, a variety of threads (e.g., G1/4) and hexagon (e.g., SW27) can be made for mechanical installation of this PS to fit different pressure applications.

The 101B(c) PS is mostly used to build pressure transmitters by adding both an SSC (sensor signal conditioner) at its backside, a housing for SSC via its M24x1 threads and a connector for both power supply and signal output.

The working pressure will be measured by the integrated PS (e.g., 101B(a19G)), which functions as a core of the101B(c) PS. The working principle of the 101B(c) PS is determined by the integrated PS.

The pressure medium has to be dilute liquid or gas in order to be introduced inside the inner cavity of the 101B(c) PS. Thanks to the stainless steel wetted parts, the pressure medium can be corrosive or conductive as long as it is compatible to 316L stainless steel.

Every 101B(c) PS has been temperature compensated in an analogue way for temperature range of -10~+70°C.

Additional Information

Pressure Range

1~0bar, 0~0.1bar, …, ~35bar (gauge)
0~0.7bar, …, ~400bar (absolute)
0~600bar, ~1000bar (sealed gauge)

Pressure Type

gauge, absolute, sealed gauge

Output Signal

≥60mV, option: 10%~90%Vs ratiometric, I2C, SPI


up to ±0.25%fs