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110S Precision Pressure Transducers with Integrated Temperature Sensor

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Product Description

Developed from the BCM piezoresistive pressure sensor, the 110S pressure transducer is designed for precision pressure measurement in gas metering applications. Thanks to the integrated temperature sensor, this model can provide temperature measurement for further temperature compensation or temperature monitoring.

This model has its 316L stainless steel wetted parts fully welded, which eliminates appearance of any O-ring seal inside the inner cavity. As a result this transducer is suitable for measuring pressures of bio gas, natural gas, diesel, and gasoline.

To meet the need of precise metering applications, the 110S pressure transducer is manufactured with its accuracy up to 0.2%fs. The measuring range of the 110S is designed from 0~2 bar through 0~80 bar.

In addition to its standard mechanical interface with G1/4 male and M12x1.5 male threads, the process connection of the 110S can be also designed to customized geometry according to specific requirement of application. The electrical interface of the 110S is made with either silicon cable or PUR cable of 4-core conductor for both mV/V output and voltage excitation of Wheatstone bridge circuit.

Designed with its pressure reference of either absolute or gauge, the model 110S pressure transducer finds its market mostly in gas metering industry.

Additional Information

Pressure Range

0~2bar, …, ~80bar

Pressure Type

absolute, gauge

Output Signal



up to ±0.2%fs

Temperature Sensor

2mV/°C for temperature range of -30~+75°C