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136C Pressure Transmitters

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Product Description

Based on thick film technology, 136C pressure transmitters are designed for pressure measurements in general industrial applications. Equipped with an integrated 4-digit display, 136C pressure transmitters provide an easy solution for field testing applications, such as leakage testing for tanks.
Model 136C pressure transmitter is available with a variety of options for process connections: inner cavity type with protrude port (type Ia), inner cavity type with flat port (type Ib), internal thread type (type Ic) and flush diaphragm type (type IIa). Type I(a,b,c) process connections are used to measure gases or dilute liquids, while type IIa is specially used to measure paste or fluids with grains. Model 136C is specially suitable to measure corrosive pressure media with its ceramic diaphragm and 316L stainless steel pressure port.
The measuring ranges of model 136C span from 0~350 mbar to 0~300 bar. The output signal is 4~20 mA. The measuring accuracy is 0.5%fs (fs  full scale). Negative gauge pressure measurement is also possible on request. The integrated display provided can be either LC for display purpose only, or smart LE which allows the user to set parameters such as zero, span, damping time and alarms.

Additional Information

Pressure Range

0~0.5bar, …, ~300bar (gauge)
0~0.35bar, …, ~20bar (absolute)

Pressure Type

gauge, absolute

Output Signal

4~20mA with integrated 4-digit display