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215T Heavy-Duty Pressure Transmitters

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Product Description

Based on ceramic capacitive and piezoresistive technology, model 215T pressure transmitters are designed for automation processes control in oil and gas industries. These transmitters are certified to be explosive proof (Exia II CT6).
The diaphragm and wetted parts of 215T pressure transmitters are made from materials which allow corrosive media to be measured. For different field applications, the process connection can be configured in form of inner cavity type (type I), semi-flush membrane type (type II), flange type (type III), isolating diaphragm type (IV) or fast screw-in type (V). Type I, IV and V are used for gases or dilute liquids, while type II and type III can be used to measure viscous fluids or fluids with grains.
Model 215T pressure transmitters have a wide pressure range for gauge pressure measurement, which spans from 0~15mbar to 0~600bar. While the range for absolute pressure measurement spans from 40mbar to 20bar. The output signal of 215T is 4~20mA with HART protocol. These transmitters are also equipped with a 4 digits LC display. The omeasuring accuracy of 215T transmitter is up to 0.2%fs (fs  full scale). The medium temperature range is -40 ~ +125 C.

Additional Information

Pressure Range

0~15mbar, …, ~600bar (gauge)
0~40mbar, …, ~20bar (absolute)

Pressure Type

gauge, absolute

Output Signal

4~20mA, 4~20mA with HART protocol


up to ±0.2%fs