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451S Low Pressure Transmitters with Display for Medical Application

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Product Description

Model 451S series is a low pressure transmitter, which is developed to measure low pressure down to 0.2 mbar. It features a dedicated design with a 3  LC display with backlight. The backlight allows 451S series transmitters to be used in dark. The V-shaped pressure inlet is for pneumatic connection through a hose. This inlet can be either in radial direction (as shown) or axial direction. A 1/4 NPT connector is used as electrical interface to ensure IP 67 protection.
The 451S series is found a precision transmitter of high stability for a number of measuring ranges, spanning from 0~0.2 mbar to 0~10 bar. Its output signal is conditioned to 4~20 mA current loop, or 0~5 Vdc with the accuracy of 0.5%fs (fs  full scale).
The 451S series transmitters are ideal devices which can be installed for industrial automation and sanitary applications, and the pressure medium is limited to dry and non-corrosive gases.

Additional Information

Pressure Range

0~0.2bar, …, ~10bar

Pressure Type


Output Signal

4~20mA, 0~5V