About BCM


BCM SENSOR TECHNOLOGIES bv is a manufacturer located in Belgium and specialized in design and manufacturing industrial sensors for factory automation and process control.

In particular, we offer:

  • Strain gauges for stress analysis and sensor manufacturing,
  • Sensors and transducers for stress-, weight-, force-, static torque-, and rotary torque-measurements
  • Sensors, transducers and transmitters for pressure-, liquid level-, temperature-, and flow-measurements
  • Wireless Sensor Network Systems for Industry 4.0

In addition, BCM SENSOR possesses strength in developing customer-tailored sensors and providing OEMs with customized solutions.

BCM SENSOR TECHNOLOGIES bv is an ISO9001 certified company since 2006.

Vision, Mission, and Scope


As a company specialized in design & development, sales, provision and technical support of sensor technology and products, BCM SENSORS aims to establish and guarantee a high degree of reliability towards our customers, and provide tailored solutions to the customer closely and in time.

With the benefit of having production facilities in China we set our main focus to offer balanced solutions for our international customers worldwide both technically and commercially.


Along with a wide range of standard sensors realized in mass production, BCM SENSORS also offers customized sensor solutions. All our sensors are tested and calibrated at our facilities in China, and undergo sampling quality test in our lab in Antwerp, Belgium. Each sensor is delivered with an individual test certificate.

From the technical side we first of all translate a customer’s problem into the right product offering which makes a 100% fit to the customer’s problem. The development of customized products based on customer demands is an important asset which BCM SENSORS offers. This necessitates both good communication between customers and our R&D engineers, and correct understanding of the customers’ demand and our ability.

Development of custom-tailored sensors is performed in Belgium.

From the commercial side, we position our offering with the right price for the right product. Customers receive clear quotes including the technical specifications of the product, pricing and discount policy according to the quantity and delivery terms. For resellers we offer resellers discounts.

Speed of delivery is enhanced by keeping a high inventory level of most commonly used product types in Antwerp, Belgium.

Competence management becomes one of the main drivers of our company. By cultivating international environment within BCM SENSOR departments, we offer our services in several languages and continuously improve the competence of our employees.


Design & development, sales, provision and technical support of sensor technology and products

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