• Level Sensors for Liquid Level Measuring or Monitoring

    To meet requirements of liquid level measuring or monitoring, BCM SENSOR has utilized two technologies to manufacture liquid level sensors – one is based on hydrostatic or static pressure measurement (LV36 series) of  ranges from 0~1m to 1~200m of water column, and the other is of capacitive technology (LV66 series) to measure fuel/oil level. LV36 […]
  • Piezoresistive Gauge Pressure Sensors of 500G via Glass-bonding and 330B through Thick-film Process

    Model 500G Gauge Pressure Sensors are developed by using SE206 silicon strain gauge chips through glass-sintering-bond process. The 500G pressure sensor can work with high working pressures (up to 5000bar), possess high output sensitivity (up to 15mV/V), high measurement accuracy (better than 0.35%fs), and high stability and no creep effect.   Because its sensor body […]
  • Metal Capacitive Differential Pressure Sensors and Transducers

    Targeting the measurement (down to 0.016bar) of low differential pressure with high static pressure (up to 320bar), BCM SENSOR has developed metal capacitive differential pressure sensors (model 115C) and transducers (model 315M). The 115C sensor is in fact a differential capacitance system, which is composed of two stationary capacitance plates and in between there is […]