• 101B(a19F) Flush-Diaphragm Pressure Sensor

    For applications where customers need to measure pressure of viscous media or media with particles, and especially applications that involve cleaning process, we have developed a complete flush diaphragm sensor 101B(a19F) based on BCM standard pressure sensor model 101B(a19G). This new sensor model has a structure that doesn’t deposit residuals of pressure media. Typical applications: […]
  • AN201 Precision Two-axis Angle Sensors

    Model AN201 angle sensors is developed for two- or one-axis angle measurement. It has a wide-range of applications to measure angles induced by either acceleration or physical/geographic tilt inclination. Typical applications: Tilt monitor of geological equipment Engineering vehicle angle alignment Precision control of tilt angle of Pan-tilt Angle alignment of radar antenna Drilling rig positioning […]
  • IN201 Precision Two-axis Inclinometers

    Model IN201 two-axis inclinometers is developed to measure tilt angles induced by acceleration of the system which the inclinometer is built in. Typical applications: Dynamic positioning of vehicles and ships Angle alignment of radar antenna Tilt monitor of geological equipment Key features: Measuring range: ±5°, …, ±60° Excellent non-linearity: down to ±0.03%fs Wide band width: […]