• 158A Force Transducer for Ultra-Low Force Monitoring

    BCM SENSOR has successfully developed 158A force transducer which has its capacity down to 0.6N (~61gram). This model is designed to measure or monitor not only force but also small displacement. 158A offers the following benefits: • Capacity down to 0.6N; • Accuracy up to 1%fs; • Excellent stability and reliability; • Compact design. The […]
  • Metal Foil Strain Gauges for Multi-Axis Force Sensors

    Expand Application Range of One Strain Gauge Nowadays robots play a more and more important role in the modern manufacturing which require a high automation level. This trend leads to the growing demand of the multi-axis force sensors. With 22-year experience with strain gauges and force sensors, BCM SENSOR is the expert to provide the […]
  • Upgraded Backing Materials of Metal Foil Strain Gauges

    BCM SENSOR has recently successfully upgraded the materials of the backing layer of its metal foil strain gauge from FIBA to FIBAL: – F: modified phenolic resin – I: modified polyimide resin – B: laminated polyetherketone – A: advanced laminated polyimide – L: laminated polyimide Thanks to the different backing materials, the strain gauges from […]