• 5716 Wireless Load Pins for Tension Force Monitoring on Ratchet Tie-Down Straps

    Ratchet Tie-Down Straps (RTS) have been widely used in truck cargo transportation as shown in the photo below. To improve the safety in cargo transportation, BCM SENSOR has developed the 5716 wireless load pin (WLP) to replace the bolt of the traditional  RTS, as shown below, so that the RTS can monitor the tension force […]
  • LV36 Liquid Level Sensor with Filter

    Recently BCM SENSOR has successfully updated the design of LV36 liquid level sensors. In this new design, a filter has been integrated into the cap of the sensor, located right behind the inlet of pressure medium of the cap. This filter feature specially targets to applications in which pressure medium may have particles, e.g., river […]
  • 6991 Compact S-Type Force Transducers with Overload-Protection

    Model 6991 S-type force transducer from BCM SENSOR is specially designed for applications in which overload may occur much higher (e.g., 5 times) than the rated capacity of a force transducer. As an S-type force transducer, the 6991 can measure either tension or compression forces, and it is widely used for material test and for […]