• New Datasheets of Metal Foil Strain Gauges from BCM SENSOR

    To Facilitate Product Selection BCM SENSOR has recently updated the datasheets of all metal foil strain gauges (MfSG). This update is to provide users with an easier way of selecting the suitable MfSG for your application and also to provide users with more detailed specifications of MfSG. What is new on the updated datasheets? 1) […]
  • Termination of Thermal Gas Flow Sensors

    To focus on the market where BCM SENSOR has been playing an important role, we have terminated the production line of Thermal Gas Flow Sensors since the end of 2018. In 2019, BCM SENSOR will apply new strategy and focus on our most important product lines, e.g., strain gauges, pressure sensors and liquid level sensors. […]
  • Multi-Grid Strain Gauges for Multi-Axis Force/Torque Sensors

    Expanding Application Range of One Strain Gauge Nowadays robots play a more and more important role in the modern manufacturing which require a high automation level. This trend leads to the growing demand of the multi-axis force/torque sensors, e.g., model 8691 from BCM SENSOR. With 22-year experience with strain gauges, force sensors and torque sensors, […]