• Multi-Grid Strain Gauges for Multi-Axis Force/Torque Sensors

    Expanding Application Range of One Strain Gauge Nowadays robots play a more and more important role in the modern manufacturing which require a high automation level. This trend leads to the growing demand of the multi-axis force/torque sensors, e.g., model 8691 from BCM SENSOR. With 22-year experience with strain gauges, force sensors and torque sensors, […]
  • Brand-New Datasheet of BCM SENSOR Bondable Compensation Resistors to Facilitate Product Selection

    BCM SENSOR has recently updated the datasheet of bondable compensation resistors (BCR). The BCR’s are designed to adjust zero, unify sensitivity or compensate zero-temperature-drift or span-temperature-drift for Wheatstone bridge circuit in sensor applications. To facilitate product selection and present the up-to-date technology, BCM SENSOR has applied the following updates in the BCR datasheet: – All […]
  • 158A Force Transducer for Ultra-Low Force Monitoring

    BCM SENSOR has successfully developed 158A force transducer which has its capacity down to 0.6N (~61gram). This model is designed to measure or monitor not only force but also small displacement. 158A offers the following benefits: • Capacity down to 0.6N; • Accuracy up to 1%fs; • Excellent stability and reliability; • Compact design. The […]