• NTC Thermistors from BCM SENSOR

    BCM SENSOR is proud to present a new product group, NTC thermistors, available for batch production. NTC thermistors have negative temperature coefficient of resistance – their resistance decreases exponentially with their temperature increase. Thanks to the high sensitivity, the NTC thermistors are widely used as temperature detection and measurement, temperature compensation, and circuit protection in […]
  • Wireless Sensor Network System from BCM SENSOR

    BCM SENSOR has recently successfully developed a wireless sensor network (WSN) system. This system contains several wireless sensors and a wireless network monitor, as shown below. This system is an independent system employing 2.4GHz RF technology for communication. Its communication range can reach ~100 meters through open space. This WSN system is designed for indicating […]
  • Upgraded Design of Stacked Rosette for Stress Analysis

    Compact Strain Gauge for Limited Bonding Area BCM SENSOR is proud to present an upgraded design of the CB-pattern stacked rosettes. This design has higher stability than the previous version and has the backing size minimized to 4 x 4 mm (of 1mm gauge length and 120Ω gauge resistance). The CB-pattern rosette has three gauge […]