• 101B(a19F) Flush-Diaphragm Pressure Sensor

    For applications where customers need to measure pressure of viscous media or media with particles, and especially applications that involve cleaning process, we have developed a complete flush diaphragm sensor 101B(a19F) based on BCM standard pressure sensor model 101B(a19G). This new sensor model has a structure that doesn’t deposit residuals of pressure media. Typical applications: […]
  • Wireless Force Transducer for Smart Ratchet Tie-down Strap – Cargo Safety Applications

    To improve safety level of cargo transportation, the smart ratchet tie-down strap is developed to recognize if the strap around cargo is tightened or is getting loose. To make the ratchet smart, BCM SENSOR developed a wireless force transducer (load pin) to replace the bolt on the traditional ratchet and to measure the tensile force […]
  • KC-series Diaphragm Strain Gauges for Compressive- and/or Tensile-Force Transducers

    BCM KC-series diaphragm strain gauges developed for Compressive- and/or Tensile-Force Transducers are now available with revised ordering code to facilitate the selection of the right strain gauge parameters for specific applications. One of the typical applications of KC-series diaphragm strain gauges is to produce button-shape load cells for compressive force measurement as shown on the […]