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20th Anniversary of BCM SENSOR

On the 8th of January 2016, BCM SENSOR celebrates the 20th Anniversary as a manufacturer of a wide range of sensors, from sensing elements to complete transducers and transmitters.

Established on the 8th of January 1996 in Antwerp, we started with metal foil strain gauges, semiconductor strain gauges and bondable resistors offering very good performance to price ratio and short lead-times for both standard products and customized solutions.

In 1997 our product range was extended with load cells and load pins, force transducers, static torque transducers and rotary torque transducers

In 2000 we developed piezo-resistive pressure sensor dies based on high quality silicon wafers, from which we are able to manufacture stainless steel housing oil-filled pressure sensors of low pressure range (10 mbar). Gradually we have extended our product range covering pressure transducers and transmitters, liquid level transducers and transmitters.

Thanks to our engineering team BCM SENSOR becomes a supplier in the international market able to supply most of our products with customized solutions by implementing new technology into our production process.

BCM SENSOR continues developing new products employing new sensor technologies to fulfil our customers’ needs and market demands.

Our 20th year in the international market is marked by launching the new sensor products:

  • SE105 Flip-Chip Pressure Sensors Dies
  • SE102 High Overload Pressure Sensors Dies
  • LV16 Mini-diameter Liquid Level Transducers
  • 161M Differential Pressure Transducers for Differential Pressure Measurement
  • TFS2000 Thermal Gas Flow Modules for Inline Gas Measurement,
  • TFS2200 Thermal Gas Flow Modules for Residential Smart Gas Metering
  • TFS2100 Thermal Gas Flow Transmitters for Gas Flow Rate Measurement


We are grateful to you for your loyalty and support during these 20 years. On this great occasion we would like to offer a special 3% discount to your 1st purchase order in 2016 valid in the period from  8th of January until 8th of February 2016.

In addition to this, please enjoy our further festive prices for the products available from stock (please consult the product list in stock by the following link: Stock Inventory).

Being 20 years old is significant for a company dealing in a niche market as ours and shows the vivid need for advanced and reliable technology. We hope to serve you even better during the next 20 years.
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Your reliable partner in sensor applications.