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Melt Pressure Sensors Filled with Nontoxic Liquid-Metal Alloy

Melt pressure sensors from BCM SENSOR are designed to measure pressures of melt medium of high temperatures (up to 400 °C). The melt pressure sensor employs metal foil strain gauge (MfSG) from BCM SENSOR as the sensing element, and has its wetted parts and housing made from stainless steel (SS) in order to comply with the requirements of pressure medium of high temperatures and harsh working environment. As a result, such the sensors find their applications on injection moulding machines and extruders to monitor or measure medium pressures.

Shown below are photos of four available models of melt pressure sensors from BCM SENSOR:

These four models possess their features as follows:

MPT260: This model is the basic version which has its SS isolation diaphragm located at the front end of the rigid stem. The isolation diaphragm will be directly approached by melt pressure medium in applications.

MPT261: Based on MPT260, model MPT261 is integrated with a thermocouple or Pt100 as a temperature sensor.

MPT262: Based on MPT260, model MPT262 has its rigid stem extended with a flexible SS extension between the rigid stem and its electronics hosing, so that the electronics housing can be kept away from high-temperature medium.

MPT263: This model is a combination of MPT261 and MPT262, i.e., measuring both pressure and temperature and having a flexible SS extension.

On all these four models, inside the rigid stem and the flexible extension, there is a capillary filled with nontoxic liquid-metal alloy which is not mercury and is able to genuinely transfers the medium pressure from the isolation diaphragm to an SS pressure diaphragm.

Detailed dimensions and specifications can be found on the datasheets of melt pressure sensors as linked below:

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