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New Datasheets of Metal Foil Strain Gauges from BCM SENSOR

To Facilitate Product Selection

BCM SENSOR has recently updated the datasheets of all metal foil strain gauges (MfSG). This update is to provide users with an easier way of selecting the suitable MfSG for your application and also to provide users with more detailed specifications of MfSG.

What is new on the updated datasheets?

1) On each datasheet of MfSG, the contents are categorized into 4 sections as Description, Ordering Information, Specifications, and Selection Chart.

2) In Specifications, more parameters have been included, e.g., radius of curved surface for gauge bonding, max. temperature for dynamic applications, and thermal output.

3) In Selection Chart:
– Equivalent circuit of each gauge pattern is illustrated to help users understand how an MfSG works, especially for a full-bridge MfSG or a diaphragm MfSG as shown below.
190219_KA SG_BCM
– More detailed specifications of each gauge pattern are given.
– The ordering code format is given with all the standard options, so as to facilitate selection of MfSG and generation of a correct ordering code.

For more details, please visit the datasheets on our website:

Or you can contact us at or +32-3-238 6469.