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160M Differential Pressure Transducers with High Turndown Ratio

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Product Description

Model 160M is a differential pressure transducer of piezoresistive working principle. This model is widely used in pneumatic or hydraulic systems for industrial automation and process control. For instance, it has been integrated in smart valves and flow monitoring systems for differential pressure applications.

Thanks to the unique design of sensing elements integrated in the 160M, this transducer can provide its users with a high ratio up to 40 between differential pressure and static pressure. In addition, the 160M can measure differential pressures down to the range of -60~+60mbar. On the other hand it can sustain a static pressure up to 400bar.

For the purpose of temperature sensing, the 160M is integrated with a thermal diode in two different ways, which result in two available circuits. One circuit (5 terminals) has the thermal diode connected together with the Wheatstone bridge while the other (6 terminals) has the thermal diode completely independent.

The threads of the 160M-series for electrical interface is designed to either M27x2 (type-I, 160M(I)) or M56x1.5 (type-II, 160M(II)), providing wider suitability for manufacturing of smart differential pressure transmitters.

Additional Information

Pressure Range

-60~+60mbar, …, -5~+10bar

Pressure Type


Maximum Static Pressure

up to 400bar

Output Signal



up to ±0.3%fs