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FD101 Force Sensor Dies

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Product Description

Model FD101 is a piezoresistive force sensor die, which is made from monocrystalline silicon and specially designed for multi-axial force measurement or sensor application to measure extreme low-level forces. It is manufactured through MEMS process and therefore features small size (1.3mm x 1.3mm) and capacity of high volume per batch in mass production.

This model FD101 force sensor die has its four piezoresistive resistors each laid perpendicularly to the adjacent ones, similar pattern to the EB-type of metal foil strain gauges from BCM SENSOR. As a result, this force sensor die can be used to measure a force in all directions.

The four piezoresistive resistors of the FD101 force sensor die constitute a full-bridge circuit, resulting in a high sensitivity for low-level force measurement down to a few microstrains.

On the FD101, its Wheatstone bridge circuit is configured to the open-bridge circuit of 5 solder pads, on which gold leads can be attached on request. 5 solder pads also bring advantage to facilitation of its zero-offset adjustment and temperature compensation. As there is no signal-conditioning circuitry on this sensor die, its output signal is directly from its Wheatstone bridge circuit.

Three different packaging methods (X, Y, and Z) can be used and are available to package the FD101 sensor dies in order to fit to different application demands. Before packing, each FD101 sensor die is individually tested and qualified to its specifications.

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Full Scale Output

125mV at 5Vdc