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SE105 Flip-Chip Pressure Sensor Dies

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Product Description

The model SE105 is a flip-chip pressure sensor die based on piezoresistive working principle. It is designed for the pressure measurements of absolute pressure reference.

The sensor die is manufactured by the 6″ silicon micro-machining process. Thanks to the unique flip-chip silicon-on-silicon structure, comparing with the conventional sensor die structure, the SE105 features various superiority: suitable for more harsh environment (because its Wheatstone bridge circuitry cannot be approached by pressure medium), and simplified die bonding process (because the traditional wire bonding process is eliminated and the SE105 can be easily attached onto the circuit as a surface mounting device).

As a non-signal-conditioning sensor die, the standard SE105 is available in an closed-bridge circuit with 4 solder pads for both bridge adjustment and temperature compensation.

Before packing, each SE105 sensor die is individually tested and qualified to its specifications.

3 types of packaging are available as options to fit different marketing demands.

Additional Information

Pressure Range

0~48 bar

Pressure Type


Non Linearity