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670F High Gauge Pressure Sensors

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Product Description

Model 670F pressure sensor (PS) is developed for high pressure applications. For high pressure application purpose (≥250bar), this PS is designed of mono-block structure, i.e., its pressure diaphragm and sensor body are made from one piece of stainless steel. As a result, there is no O-ring integrated inside the sensor body to seal the pressure medium. Therefore, thanks to its mono-block structure, the model 670F PS offers excellent reliability in application with high pressures.

As one of the 600F-series PS, the model 670F makes use of the metal foil strain gauges from BCM SENSOR in order to form its Wheatstone bridge circuit. One of the advantages of using metal foil strain gauges is that all the 600F-series PS possesses the lowest temperature effect compared to all the other PS from BCM SENSOR.

The 670F PS is mostly used to build high pressure transmitters by integrating both a housing at its backside containing an SSC (sensor signal conditioner) and a connector for power supply and signal output.

For a specific application of high volume demand, on request this PS can have its mechanical interfaces. i.e., the threads of process connection and/or its threads for the SSC housing, customized to application needs.

Additional Information

Pressure Range

0~400bar, …, ~5000bar

Pressure Type


Output Signal

2mV, option: 10%/90%Vs ratiometric, I2C, SPI, ZACwire


up to ±0.25%fs