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500G Mono-Block Stainless Steel Pressure Sensors

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Product Description

The 500G pressure sensor employs a 316L stainless steel mono-block structure (17-4ph SS available as an option), and is designed for high pressure applications. Thanks to the mono-block structure, the sensor has excellent resistance to overload pressure – proof pressure up to 300%fs and burst pressure up to 500%fs. And this structure prevents pressure medium from leakage to the backside of the sensor. In addition, there is no any O-ring needed inside the sensor structure for sealing purpose.

On the pressure diaphragm of the 500G-series pressure sensors, the Wheatstone bridge circuit is built with BCM silicon (Si) strain gauges via glass-frit bonding process, resulting in a creep free behavior of the sensors. Compared to the 664F-series pressure sensors which are based on metal foil strain gauge technology, the 500G-series sensors offer higher output sensitivity (up to 15mV/V).

The 500G is mostly used for pressure transmitter applications for high pressure measurement.

Additional Information

Pressure Range

0~5bar, …, ~5000bar
0~60 psi, …, 75000 psi

Pressure Type


Output Signal

≥ 15mV/V for ranges < 1000 bar or 15 000 psi
≥ 10mV/V for [ 1000bar ≤ ranges ≤ 1600bar ] or [ 15000psi ≤ ranges ≤ 30000psi]
≥ 5mV/V for ranges ≥ 2500bar or 50000psi
10%~90%Vs (ratiometric), I2C, SPI


±0.5%fs (standard)
±0.35%fs is available on request but only for [ ranges ≤ 1000bar] or [ranges ≤ 20000psi]