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132S Pressure Transmitters with Flush Diaphragm / Tri-Clamp Connection

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Product Description

The 132S-series is a silicone piezoresistive pressure transmitter developed for general purpose applications. With various options of process connection and electrical interface, the 132S can be fitted into almost all common systems.

The 132S-series features a flush diaphragm process connection. The transmitter is specially designed to measure pressures of viscous fluids or media containing solids. Three types of flush diaphragm are available, type a, b, and c. The 132S(a) has its diaphragm completely flat, while the 132S(b) has a ring on the diaphragm, so-called semi-flush diaphragm. The 132S(c) is designed with Tri-Clamp interface for mechanical connection, especially for application in either pharmaceutical or food industries.

Due to its compact and rugged design, the models are suitable for applications of processing and control operations such as hydraulics, pneumatics, test equipment, liquid level measurement, compressor and pump control, etc.

By selecting proper electrical interface, the 132Sseries is able to reach the environmental protection rating up to IP67.

Additional Information

Pressure Range

-1~0bar, 0~0.1bar, …, ~60bar (gauge)
0~0.7bar, …, ~400bar (absolute)
0~600bar, ~1000bar (sealed gauge)

Pressure Type

gauge, absolute, sealed gauge

Output Signal

4~20mA, 10%~90%Vs (ratiometric), 0~5V, 1~5V, I2C, SPI