Semiconductor Strain Gauges
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Semiconductor Strain Gauges

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Product Description

Based on piezoresistive effect, the semiconductor strain gauges (ScSG) from BCM SENSOR are made from p-type silicon wafers, and are manufactured in two series: N-series in which the ScSG is made without backing, and B-series the ScSG with backing.

The two series of ScSG have three options available for their gauge length: 2.6mm, 3.8mm. and 5mm.

In terms of leads/wires layout of ScSG, the B-series has two options, while the N-series has only one option as its leads are flexible and can be bent. The details are described at Layout of Leads or Wires on the page 1 of the datasheet.

In case the difference of the ScSG resistance is particularly required to be smaller than the standard tolerance of BCM SENSOR, the ScSG will be specially sorted and packaged as the grouped gauges to guarantee the required limit. This is specified as the 6th and 7th codes in the ordering code.

To ensure quick delivery, samples of both the N- and B-series of ScSG are available from stock of different gauge factor, gauge length and resistance.

The ScSG is mostly used either to measure small strain (in a few of microstrain, μɛ) or to compensate nonlinearity in transducer applications.

Additional Information

Gauge Type

N-series: naked gauges, B-series: gauges with backing

Nominal Resistance

15Ω, …, 1000Ω

Backing Material

modified polyimide resin

Working Temperature Range

N-series: -40~+125°C
B-series: -40~+125°C

Gauge Factor

80, 100, 110, 130, 150

Strain Limit


Fatigue Life

1×10^7 cycles