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A2 Heavy Duty Sensor Signal Conditioners for One Sensor

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Product Description

Model A2 is a Sensor Signal Conditioner (SSC) for heavy duty application. This SSC is suitable for any sensor or transducer which is based on Wheatstone bridge circuit.
In application, when connected to power supply (supply voltage can be 12, …, 24 Vdc), this A2 SSC provides a constant excitation voltage to Wheatstone bridge circuit of the sensor, and amplifies the output signal of the sensor to standard signals (for instance, 0~5 Vdc or 4~20 mA) for further transmission to PLC in distance.
The A2 SSC has a heavy-duty aluminum housing of anodized surface treatment. Thanks to both the rubber-seals between housing cover and container and the water-proof cable gland, model A2 SSC is protected to IP65, and can be easily fixed to panel mounting plate with two water-proof holes which are hidden inside the housing.

Additional Information

Input Sensitivity

1mV/V, …, 12mV/V

Output Signal

4~20mA, 0~10mA, 0~20mV, 0~5V, 0~10V, -5~+5V


up to ±0.1%fs


up to ±0.1%fs

(valid value from 1mV/V to 12mV/V)
(valid value from 5V to 10V)