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3419/3499 Heavy Duty Single-Ended Shear Beam Load Cells

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Product Description

Based on BCM advanced metal foil strain gauge technology, model 3419/3499 load cells are made of shear-beam working principle. Featuring simple construction and excellent performance, these load cells are widely used in applications of platform-sclaes, hopper-scales weighing systems, or applications need to measure beam bending loads.
The capacities of 3419/3499 load cells ranges from 0.5 t to 50 t with an accuracy up to 0.02%fs (fs = full scale). Thanks to BCM leading technology in sealing, 3419/3499 load cells can be made to a higher protection grade of IP68, and fit to
harsh industrial conditions.

Additional Information


0.5t, …, 50t


±0.02%fs, ±0.03%fs

"Note: See detailed values of G and G2 in the datasheet."