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3911/3991 Bending Beam Load Cells

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Product Description

Based on BCM advanced metal-foil strain gauge technology, model 3911/3991 load cells are made of single-ended bending beam working principle and made from high strength alloy steel (3911) or stainless steel (3991) materials. These load cells feature simple construction, excellent performance, and the design can also be tailored to meet customer’s requirements.
The capacities of 3911/3991 load cells range from 5kg to 500kg with an accuracy of 0.02%fs (fs = full scale). These load cells have a bellow protection and can be sealed to high protection grade of IP68, so as to fit harsh operating conditions.
Typical applications of 3911/3991 load cells include electrical belt scales and hopper scales.

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5kg, …, 500kg