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Upgraded Backing Materials of BCM SENSOR Metal Foil Strain Gauges

BCM SENSOR has recently successfully upgraded the backing materials of metal foil strain gauges. Now the options of backing material are FIBA:

  • F: advanced phenolic resin
  • I: modified polyimide resin
  • B: laminated polyetherketone
  • A: laminated phyimide

Thanks to this upgrade, the number of backing material options have been reduced from 6 to 4, but the working temperature range of the strain gauges can still cover a wide range of -195~+200°C. BCM SENSOR will continue providing to you the high-quality strain gauges of excellent reliability.

170329_Pic for Upgraded Backing Materials_TEC

For more details, please visit the metal foil strain gauge page of BCM SENSOR website:

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