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Upgraded Design of Stacked Rosette for Stress Analysis

Compact Strain Gauge for Limited Bonding Area

BCM SENSOR is proud to present an upgraded design of the CB-pattern stacked rosettes. This design has higher stability than the previous version and has the backing size minimized to 4 x 4 mm (of 1mm gauge length and 120Ω gauge resistance).

The CB-pattern rosette has three gauge grids stacked together. The orientation of these tree grids is: -45°, 0°(*), and +45°, as shown in the picture below.

(*): 0° refers to the orientation of the top gauge grid.

170428_Photo of CB Type SG for Website,2_BCM

Thanks to this unique design, the stacked rosettes are widely used in stress analysis which has limited area to bond strain gauges.

Features of CB-pattern stacked rosettes are:

  • Compact design;
  • High reliability and stability;
  • Variable options of solder-pad finishing and attached leads or wires.

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