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Wireless Force Transducer for Smart Ratchet Tie-down Strap – Cargo Safety Applications

To improve safety level of cargo transportation, the smart ratchet tie-down strap is developed to recognize if the strap around cargo is tightened or is getting loose. To make the ratchet smart, BCM SENSOR developed a wireless force transducer (load pin) to replace the bolt on the traditional ratchet and to measure the tensile force on the strap.

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As the strap can be used outdoor, the wireless force transducer is designed without any external antenna or on-off switch, to fulfill IP67 protection rating.

In our current design, number of wireless transducer and a wireless sensor network monitor (used to display measuring result of each transducer) work as one independent system. This system employs 2.4GHz RF signal for communication of range about 50 meters in an open area.

BCM SENSOR can also apply this wireless technology on the other sensors, e.g., pressure sensors.

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