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5716 Wireless Load Pins for Tension Force Monitoring on Ratchet Tie-Down Straps

Ratchet Tie-Down Straps (RTS) have been widely used in truck cargo transportation as shown in the photo below.

191115_Truck Cargo Transportation_TEC

To improve the safety in cargo transportation, BCM SENSOR has developed the 5716 wireless load pin (WLP) to replace the bolt of the traditional  RTS, as shown below, so that the RTS can monitor the tension force on the strap.


Several such tension monitoring RTS (TMRTS) or 5716 WLP can work with one WSN1000 monitor from BCM SENSOR to form a Wireless Tension-Detect-and-Alert System (WTDAS). The WSN1000 monitor can be fixed on the dashboard in the driver cabin. It will alert the driver by changing the LED light color and triggering the alarm, in case there is any strap getting loose during trasportation.


WTDAS offers the benefits as follows:
• Capacity of 5716 WLP: 3kN, 5kN;
• Communication signal: license-free 2.4GHz RF;
• Communication distance: up to 100 meter through open space;
• No interference among different WTDAS;
• Operating without need for any computer.

Detailed dimensions and specifications of 5716 WLP can be found on the datasheet as linked below:

Detailed dimensions and specifications of WSN1000 monitor can be find on the datasheet as linked below:

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