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WSN1000 Wireless Sensor Network Monitors

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Product Description

The model WSN1000 is developed as a monitor for a wireless sensor network (WSN) system. 1 monitor WSN1000 can work with up to 16 wireless sensors to constitute an independent WSN system.

The monitor communicates with the wireless sensors via 2.4GHz RF signal. The communication distance can reach around 100m through open space.

In one WSN system, the monitor reads every wireless sensor at pre-defined signal reading rate, e.g., once per 15 seconds depending on the application.

On the WSN1000, there are 16 multi-color LED’s. Every LED is assigned to a particular wireless sensor. The monitor uses both the LED lighting in three different colors (green, red, and orange) and the short beeping sounds at three different frequencies to demonstrate three statuses of the wireless senso – the green light and its corresponding beeping sound refer to fastened straps, the red light and its corresponding sound refer to loosened straps, and the orange light and its corresponding sound refer to an error status (e.g., low battery, disconnection, …).

The monitor has one press button to set thresholds of the sensors to define the load status of the sensor.

The WSN1000 is capable to have different customized modifications. For instance, it can connect to more wireless sensors on request.

Additional Information

Number Of Sensor Connection

1, …, 16

Communication Signal

RF 2.4GHz

Communication Distance

up to 100m through open space

(valid value from 1 to 16)
(e.g., 0.5m)