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6991 Compact S-Type Force Transducers with Overload-Protection

Model 6991 S-type force transducer from BCM SENSOR is specially designed for applications in which overload may occur much higher (e.g., 5 times) than the rated capacity of a force transducer.

As an S-type force transducer, the 6991 can measure either tension or compression forces, and it is widely used for material test and for process control.

6991 offers the benefits as follows:
• Capacity: 50N, …, 20kN;
• Accuracy up to 0.1%fs;
• a TEDS (transducer electronic data sheet) chip available on request;
• Compact design.


Thanks to its compact design, the 6991 also can be easily retrofitted into a existing system. Detailed dimensions and specifications can be find on the 6991 datasheet as linked below:

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