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6991 S-Type Force Transducers with Overload-Protection

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Product Description

Model 6991 is designed as an S-type force transducer with overload protection, to measure tension or compression forces. It is widely used for material test and for process control.

Its feature of the overload protection provides safety to force measurements in which overload is often happens.
Moreover, this transducer features a low-profile which makes it easy to be integrated into the existing systems.

The transducers are made from stainless steel and sealed with silicone rubber in order to meet IP65 protection rating, compliant with the most industrial environments.

Thanks to advanced strain gauge technology from BCM SENSOR, the 6991 force transducers can deliver stable measuring results of high precision up to 0.1%fs.

On request, this 6991 transducer can be integrated with a TEDS (transducer electronic data sheet) chip in a 6-pin plugin connector at the end of its cable, by which the 6991 transducer can be easily re-calibrated on site without need for conventional calibration facility.

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50N, …, 2000N