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725F High Pressure Transducers for Hydraulic Chocks of Mining machines

BCM SENSOR has recently launched a new model 725F high pressure transducer. This model is specially designed for hydraulic chocks of longwall mining machines. In this underground mining application, the automatic hydraulic chocks work as the powered roof support so that shearers can work efficiently and safely beneath the roof. This 725F transducer can be used to control and monitor the high pressure of the hydraulic system of chocks.

The model 725F has its pressure diaphragm and sensor body made from one piece of stainless steel, i.e., a mono-block structure. Thanks to the mono-block structure, this transducer offers not only high-pressure measuring ranges, but also excellent resistance to both vibration and mechanical shock and excellent reliability. These benefits are tailored for the working environment of mining industry.


Moreover, the 725F transducer features a quick connector of M8x1 female thread, which is especially developed for a convenient and reliable process connection.

Detailed dimensions and specifications can be found on the datasheet of 725F as linked below:

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