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670F Mono-block Pressure Sensors for High Pressure Applications

Model 670F pressure sensor is developed for high pressure applications, from 400bar to 5000bar. It employs mono-block structure, i.e., its pressure diaphragm and sensor body are machined from one piece of stainless steel. Thanks to this mono-block structure, there is no O-ring integrated inside this sensor to seal pressure medium. As a result, the model 670F can offer excellent reliability in high pressure applications.


This model is one of 600F-series (e.g., 664F(a) and 664F(c)). The sensors of this series make use of the metal foil strain gauges from BCM SENSOR. This leads to the lowest temperature effect among all the pressure sensors from BCM SENSOR.

Detailed dimensions and specifications can be found on the datasheet of 670F which is linked below:

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