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Brand-New Datasheet of BCM SENSOR Bondable Compensation Resistors to Facilitate Product Selection

BCM SENSOR has recently updated the datasheet of bondable compensation resistors (BCR). The BCR’s are designed to adjust zero, unify sensitivity or compensate zero-temperature-drift or span-temperature-drift for Wheatstone bridge circuit in sensor applications.

To facilitate product selection and present the up-to-date technology, BCM SENSOR has applied the following updates in the BCR datasheet:

– All the standard patterns of BCR are organized according to their applications;
– Number of the standard patterns has been increased from 4 to 7;
– Copper foil has been added as a new option of foil alloy;
– Number of the backing layer materials has been eleminated from 4 to 3;
– Number of the solder-pad finishing has been eleminated from 5 to 1.

181010_Patterns of BCR_TEC

The current standard patterns are shown in the picture above.

For more details, please visit the datasheet on our website:

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