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Ceramic Pressure Sensors for High-Volume Applications

Model 301B from BCM SENSOR is a piezoresistive pressure sensor based on ceramics. The bridge circuitry of this sensor is directly printed at the backside of its ceramic diaphragm through the thick-film process. Such the design and the manufacturing process make this model cost-effective especially for batch production for high-volume applications.


The 301B sensor possesses a rigid structure as every sensor is manufactured from one piece of ceramics (i.e., mono-block structure). And thanks to excellent corrosion resistance of ceramics, the diaphragm of 301B sensor can be exposed to measured media without any additional protection. These two features together with the cost-effective merit make the 301B sensor an ideal candidate for HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and automotive applications.

To meet different requirements in output signal and electrical interface, BCM SENSOR offers various options as listed below:

– output signal: millivolt, 10%~90%Vc ratiometric, I2C, SPI, or ZACwire;

– electrical interface: solder pad, flying wire, flexible flat cable, or pins.


For more details, please refer to the datasheet of 301B on BCM SENSOR website.