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High-Precision Strain Gauges and Adhesive for Sensor Manufacturing

In manufacturing of force sensors and/or load cells, the most three commonly-used strain gauges (SG) are the linear SG (AA-pattern) for bending beam, the 90°-rosette SG (BB-pattern) for column beam, and the dual shear SG (HA-pattern) for shear-beam force sensors.

210423_Commonly-used SG and Adhesive_BCM

All of these three categories of SG from BCM SENSOR are both temperature-compensated and creep-compensated, and they are suitable for manufacturing load cells of a combined error down to 0.01%fs.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned combined error, the adhesive of low creep and high tear-resistance plays an important role in sensor manufacturing. Model B610 is a specially developed professional adhesive for manufacturing of precision load cells and/or force sensors.

For more details, please refer to the corresponding datasheets on BCM SENSOR website.