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Hermetically Sealed Load Pins

BCM SENSOR TECHNOLOGIES has introduced hermetically sealed load pin of either IP 67 or IP68 protection standard. The load pin has tube-like construction made from 17-4PH stainless steel. Owing to its tube-like structure, the strain gauges are bonded on the inner surface of tube and are wired to Wheatstone bridge circuitry inside the tube, which results in the load pin featured hermetic seal, providing the load pin with excellent ingress protection up to IP68. Therefore, this hermetically sealed load pin can be installed in harsh environment or be in service in raining whether, free of maintenance on long term basis.

Moreover, because of the tube-like construction, the load pin is designed in bending-beam working principle, model 6798 and 6795. These bending-beam load pins can deal with eccentric loading much better than the traditional shear-beam load pins.

The model 6798 is for the applications where its two ends are fixed while the load is introduced to its central part. Nevertheless, in the applications with the model 6795, its one end is fixed while the load is introduced at the other end.

Capacity of model 6798: 0.5 ton, …, 100 ton;

Capacity of model 6795: 0.3 ton, …, 50 ton.

Though these load pins are manufactured with output sensitivity 2mV/V, they can be supplied with the output signal conditioning to amplified 4~20mA or 0.5~4.5V ratiometric output. All the electronics for signal conditioning are sealed in its housing, so as to remain the IP67/IP68 protection.

If you are interested in these hermetically sealed load pins for your applications or you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact BCM SENSOR.

Datasheet of model 6798

Datasheet of model 6795