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Professional Support for Your Strain Gauge Applications

BCM SENSOR has 16-year experience in design, develop, and manufacture OEM strain gauges of a wide range, made from either metal foil or semiconductor material, for transducer application.

For metal foil strain gauges, there are various options of pattern, resistance, backing material, and solder-pad finishing available for different applications. These gauges are both temperature-compensated, matching to different sensor body materials (identified by different S.T.C. numbers), and creep-compensated, which are specially developed for precision transducer application.

For the applications requiring high output sensitivity, our high quality semiconductor strain gauges can be your choice. There are variety of options for gauge length, resistance, and gauge factor. Moreover, the semiconductor strain gauges can be provided either with or without backing. And there are 3 different leads configuration as options according to your need.

For customized requirements, BCM SENSOR can provide you with customer-tailored OEM solutions regarding the gauge pattern, gauge length, gauge resistance, and temperature-compensation to customer-preferred sensor body material as well as creep-compensation to customer-tailored sensor body structure.


BCM provides the professional support to assist you to have the most suitable strain gauges for your applications. In addition, at BCM SENSOR it is available to provide strain gauge bonding service on to customer-made sensor body.

If the strain gauges are required in your applications or you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact BCM SESNOR.