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Level Sensors for Liquid Level Measuring or Monitoring

To meet requirements of liquid level measuring or monitoring, BCM SENSOR has utilized two technologies to manufacture liquid level sensors – one is based on hydrostatic or static pressure measurement (LV36 series) of  ranges from 0~1m to 1~200m of water column, and the other is of capacitive technology (LV66 series) to measure fuel/oil level.

LV36 Submersible Hydrostatic Level Sensors are widely used in many industries. In application the LV36 level sensor is submerged in liquid to measure the liquid level. It is fully made from 316L stainless steel (SS) and employs a piezoresistive pressure sensor of flush diaphragm for measuring static pressure created by the liquid. A 316L SS filter is installed in front of the flush diaphragm to prevent it from being damaged by gravel or covered by organic substances (e.g., weeds) in liquid medium. In addition, a 316L SS cap further encapsulates the flush diaphragm for complete protection.

The LV36 level sensor has been developed into several variants as listed below, which have some new functions:

  • LV37: This model assembles the LV36 sensor with a smart transmitter of HART protocol and a display, to allow remote signal communication and on-site zero and span adjustment.
  • LV39: In this model a unique electrical circuit is employed to facilitate protection against overvoltage up to 2kV due to lightning weather.
  • LV38: This model combines a smart transmitter of display and HART protocol with a pressure sensor of flange mounting, which is suitable for being mounted outside a tank to measure liquid level of the tank without need for submersion in the liquid.


As mentioned in the first paragraph, LV66 Submersible Level Sensor is of capacitive technology to measure fuel/oil level in ranges of from 5~50mm to 10~1000mm. The LV66 is specially developed for automotive industry where fuel/oil level in fuel tanks has to be measured or monitored.

For more detailed information on those liquid level sensors, please refer to its datasheets of each model, respectively, on BCM SENSOR website.